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Getting your manual to ensure compliance begins here. Follow these 3 steps, and you're done.

1Click the “Register Now” button to create an account – A username and password and the registration is complete. No personal details required.

2Make payment to activate your manual. R199 ensures a fully compliant manual according to the criteria set out by the SAHRC. If you feel the need to undertake the task yourself in the hope of saving R199, we save you some time by providing a link below from which to begin the read: PAIA

3Complete the questionnaire under “My Account” and hit the “Save Manual” button

That's it!Now you are free to update your manual any time, 24/7 and send it anywhere you wish.

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A few minutes of your time. The rest is taken care of. takes minimal input from you, and takes care of compiling and lodging your manual. Once you have signed up and paid your membership fees, will automatically lodge your manual and give you access to the PaiaBuilder Control Panel that affords you the following functionality:
  • Set up your manual(s)
  • Modify your manual(s)
  • Send a printed copy
  • Send as email attachment
  • Send as a link in an email
  • Send as a Fax
  • Download as a PDF
  • Sign electronically using digital signature technology
  • Lodge with SAHRC
  • Track the status of shipments
  • Purchase and create additional manuals

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