The PaiaBuilder Process E-mail
Here follows a storyboard outlining the simple steps you will be taking to compile your manual:

1Use the Member Login Panel to log in or Register (Registration takes approx. 1 minute).

2Move on to the Control Panel, which will show you the status of your account and provide access to all the features you will need in order to compile a manual.

3Next, go to "My Manual". This will open up an interface where you can capture the required information. When you are done, simply click "Save Manual" at the bottom of the form.

4This is all you need to do in order to create your manual, it now exists at it's permanent home on Sample code is provided that your webmaster can paste directly onto your website, which will then provide a link from your website to the most current version of your PAIA Manual.

5To see a preview or to download your manual, click on the "Download PDF" link to your left.

6You are required to lodge your manual with the SAHRC. allows you to lodge a softcopy straight from within the Control Panel.

7Once you have your manual, a number of features are provided in order to get that manual to its intended recipients. From the Control Panel you can Email, Fax or even Courier your manual to any recipient.

8The "Track Shipment" feature keeps you updated about the status of any shipment you requested.

9If you wish to manage more than just one manual, simply go to "Additional Manuals" to purchase and manage more manuals.

That's it in a nutshell. A one-stop, easy-to-use system to take care of your compliance with the Promotion of Access to Information Act.
Have fun!