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It means the Promotion of Access to Information Act. You can read the act online by clicking here.

For your benefit, a PAIA Manual is known by a number of names in South Africa:
  • PAIA Manual
  • Section 51 Manual
  • Information Manual
  • Business Manual
  • Information Guide

Our Innovation

PaiaBuilder.com serves the South African market, helping every company out there to comply with the Promotion of Access to Information Act. The innovative controls and features found in a PaiaBuilder.com Membership Account is currently found nowhere else. And we aim to stay ahead, adding and improving innovative ideas to help you create and maintain your information manuals.
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The Promotion of Access to Information Act requires that you publish a Section 51 Manual, and that you keep it updated. PaiaBuilder.com gives you full control over the content of your manual and allows you lifetime access to modify it and ship it physically or digitally to any location, all from your PaiaBuilder Control Panel. Truthfully, preparing the manual isn’t rocket science, but it does require an understanding of the requirements set out in the legislation, and familiarising yourself with the criteria and format of the manual can be a painful and time-consuming task.

PaiaBuilder takes the learning curve out of preparing your manual, and mitigates the risk of you not correctly preparing it according to the specifications set out by the SAHRC.

PaiaBuilder can get you compliant with no hassle at all. It will require 5 minutes of your time to run through our step-by-step instructions and then your bit is done. We handle the rest and ensure that a copy of the manual is lodged with the South African Human Rights Commission.

Digital SignaturesPaiaBuilder is the first and currently the only in the market to integrate ‘digital signature technology’. In light of the experiences with online submissions, the South African Human Rights Commission requires a document of a particular quality to ensure the proper compliance in terms of the PAIA Act. Signing documents off and sending them to the commission by email has a fairly bad bounce rate, where manuals are rejected because of their poor quality or scanned files are too large to be accepted into the SAHRC inboxes.

PaiaBuilder has integrated digital signature technology which ensures that the quality of any document we send to the commission on behalf of our clients remains intact, thereby mitigating the risk of re-submissions.

Sign Up Now We ensure the peace of mind of our clients: No stress and no penalties – Let PaiaBuilder take care of business.

With your PaiaBuilder account, you get:

  • Create and manage as many manuals as you need from a single account (each manual charged separately).
  • Access to view or modify your PAIA manual at any time.
  • Control panel to send a copy of your manual via courier to any destination.
  • Control panel to email a copy of your manual to any email address.
  • Control panel to fax a copy of your manual to any fax number.
  • Softcopy of your information manual automatically lodged with the Commission as required by the Act
  • Delivery confirmation and progress tracking of all shipments (courier, email or fax)
  • A high quality PDF version that you can print or ship to any location.
  • Free hosting and a reachable location at PaiaBuilder.com where others can view and download your manual. Paiabuilder.com provides you with a dedicated link that you may use on your own website and printed materials if you do not have the resources to upload and host it on your website.

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