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PaiaBuilder.com charges in US Dollars, but do not let this concern you. This is done because we rely on 2Checkout.com to process payments, which allows us to accept a greater variety of payment methods including American Express, Diners Club and even PayPal. This is a benefit to many of our customers, and we sincerely hope, to you. If you wish to pay via normal bank deposit or transfer, please send us a quick note on the Customer Service page and we will contact you to arrange.

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The table below is a comparative matrix which shows you the difference in features as well as pricing between PaiaBuilder.com and the average drawn from attorneys and other companies offering a similar service.
Feature comparison
  PaiaBuilder.com Competitors  
Cost R199 ($19) once off * R1,800 ($180) *  
Lodging Included No  
Multiple Manuals** Yes No  
Email feature Unlimited Sends No  
Fax capabilities Unlimited Faxes No  
Shipping control via Control Panel No  
Editing capabilities Full control 24/7 No  
100% Automated Instant Delivery Manual Process  
Tax deductable expense Yes Yes  
Free Hosting
for your manual
You receive a permanent link
you may use as you wish.
Free updates You have full editing capabilities
on PaiaBuilder.com 24/7.
Charged for updates  
Accepting Card Payment Manual Process, All Majour Card Types
and PayPal!
Manual Process Only  
Money Back Guarantee 48 hours No  
Click to Purchase    


* The US Dollar amounts are the Dollar equivalent of the Rand amount charged based on the current exchange rate. You will be charged no more than R199. We charge in US Dollars in order to allow not only MasterCard and VISA payments, but a wider variety of Card Payments including American Express, Diners Club and even PayPal. See www.2checkout.com for more.

** Each manual is charged separately, but all manuals can be managed from a single account.

2Checkout.com, Inc. is an authorized retailer of PaiaBuilder.com.

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